i really appreciate everyone in my life…and i know without them i wouldnt be here or come as far as i have come in this journey. i really believe that we are all here for a purpose and God created all of us to be with eachother…we are supposed to be around people and learn from others, help others, and impact other lives, but most importantly be a community with eachother…hold hands with eachother and walk together and change the world. nothing can be done alone…

  • to my mother…i want to thank my mom first because no one will ever mean as much to me as she does. my mom is the stongest and most amazing person in my life and i would not be where i am or who i am without her. she is my hero, my mother, my supporter and my best friend. i know she will love me and whatever my dreams may be, she will support me. i hope i can be just like her one day! I LOVE YOU, MoM!
  • Sam…my dearest love and the man who means the world and more to me. we have been through so much together and i would not replace it for anything in the world. He is my best friend and my companion, the one i would never want to live without. He is amazing and i know me and him can get through anything. we’ve had a bumpy ride sometimes but we’ve made it through and i want my forever to be with him and no one else. i am nothing without you, sam. everything i do is for you….
  • Daddy…thank you for supporting our family and only giving us the best and nothing else. you’ve taught me to reach for the stars and except nothing less than the best. you have taught me to be a strong christian strong willed woman and i thank you so much for it. thank you for everything.
  • TAD, GRACE AND LINDSAY! you three are the best siblings ever and have always been here for me and i love you guys so much.
  • NANNY and PAPA you guys and are the most amazing grandparents in the world and i love you alll so much. you guys are so close to my heart and i dont know what i would do without you all. i love you.
  • to my Frieda, i love you ms frieda! i hope i can be just like you! youre incredible.


GRANDMA MOORE – youre missed so much

UNCLE BILL. – love you’re monkey girl.

CRYSTAL BRIGHT… – we know youre in a better place girl.

RANDY….- i love you so much and i know we will see eachother another day in the perfect place of heaven….hope youre still smiling like you always do. you are very missed.


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