and we will go on in this live play
and we will dance with the enchanting masks in this masquerade
yet we are unaware that this is just a fading parade
let’s see them waltz their way unfailingly
prance with every step in place
watch them on the gleaming glass as they appear gliding
gliding ever so effortlessly
with lights in their eyes
and pearls in there kisser
morphine drifting in their heavy puff
two stepping to your soundtrack as if they knew every note from nativity
nevertheless envy and spite lie in the screws of the lights in there eyes
as soon as the wrong note is mistakenly pressed
the glass gleaming, sheeny floor is cracked
wrong notes play loudly over and over and over again
minors after minors
bang after bang
the masks begin to tear and disintegrate
the floor is shattering
piece by piece
sequins and glitter fall
mache unwraps painfully in the motion of the leisurely morbid sound
beauty rushes into chaos
as the masks genuineness reveals itself
it is nothing but pure ugliness
eyes full of deceit and death
skin is bloody and burned
and beneath the gleaming glass floor lies nothing
nothing but the malodorous of old and new bones
bones that lay in fire for eternity
and in the end the gleaming glass floor is nothing but an endless hell
and the masks of jewels and sequins disappear into ashes
ashes of nothing but fraud that frolicked with a lilly


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