hope in the moon

i was given existence
i was handed a journey to sail into this unfamiliar sea of life
and although my voyage has had high tides
and although my ship has had to go against the strong current…
it brought me to you..
the deep gracious skies handed me you…
indescribable, wonderful you..
…my better half
my rock, my home
my hero, my angel, my safe-haven
the color in my world
the fire in my heart
the water in my sea….
so how could they conduct this heartbreak?!
how could they steal you away?
why would they leave me alone and cold in this storm?

and now my love lives a victims life a thousand miles away
…from me and our sea…
and it doesn’t matter how loud i scream
or how big the puddle of my tears is…
and it doesn’t matter  how much i bleed
or how much i wail or cry out in agony
he is deaf to my screaching
and blind to my weeping

and even though they have captured him
blinded him
muted him
and beaten him….
his heart is still mine and mine is his
and his mind is thinking of me…

those beasts can try to keep us apart
but our love  is stronger than that
our love remains…

and through all this filth and darkness
remains the moon…
the moon is our connection
our hope
our symbol of aspiration
because when look above the waters…
the moon that i gaze at..is the same one….
that my love is staring at too…

so i will talk to the moon…
i will cry to the moon
i will seek the moon in hope…
in hope that you will be back
back in my arms
back in my sight
back in my ship
so we can conquer this world together
go against these strong currents together…
and forever be just you and me
in a little ship out on this unfamiliar sea 


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