hello…hope all you bloggers are doing good and living life to its fullest.
i was going through some files and came across this writing i had written and the funny thing is it hasnt changed one bit. thought i would just share it with you guys. enjoy.

              A dream, is defined as an ambition and a cherished desire. From the second we are born, we start our life. Life is full of storms of shame, and clear blue skies that bring a warmness to our home. Living is beautiful and however painfully hard at times. We all learn and grow from our mistakes and falls. Alas we will all have our last hour, and at that moment in time I wonder what goes through a person’s mind, if anything at all? Is it watching yourself and all the glorious things you did or is it a moment of guilt seeing yourself and all the mistakes you have made. Is death just as beautiful as life? No matter how harsh or beautiful death is, I believe the most important thing is not what you take with you in every setting your life takes place, but what you leave behind. As the most loved OZ said to Tin-man, “A heart is not judge by how much you love; but by how much you love others.”

       ((THE DASH…. ;))
Unfortunately people tend to forget about the dash. “The dash?”, you may ask? I am talking about the dash that lies on our grave between the two dates that represent your birth and death. More then just a line, the dash that lies between two four-digit numbers, is more of a symbol. It is a symbol of what you did, achieved and conquered throughout your life. It is about who you loved, how you loved, and most importantly how you were loved and thought of.

In my life, among the many simple things I want to do and accomplish….I want to change the world. I want to make the world a better place. Why is the world we are living in so corrupt and selfish? My goal is to change every person’s life that I come in counter with. I want to make a impact on their day and walk away and have them thinking, “wow that girl has something different about her.” People ask  me why i desire to be different…..well…it is because I am different and I want people to remember that. I see things differently…I look at this world different than anyone else…and although some people cant accept that….or accept how much love I have to give….this is who I am and I will remain this way…because God, Himself, createsd me this way…and it was for a purpose and a reason and I will leave my mark upson this earth and do great things and be remembered. I want to be remembered as the woman that was different, the girl that had that spark about her. The woman that changed the world, made a difference in the people that were her community.
Even though I am no complete perfection, I am a walking testament that even though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. I will share my stories and help people find their purpose using my personal experiences.


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