with a voice so engaging she can catch anything she desires
and as the deceit and deception dwells behind those deep, dark hazel eyes….
she catches her prey and depends upon their attention for her survival
as her victims mesh in her delicate web
they crave her
they crave her scent
they crave her deceitful taste of sweet nectar
they crave that astounding tone that leaks out of her poisonous lips
but the audience of her music does not recognize the true lungs inside their favorite siren…their adored woman
…the woman who has a voice that could kill
her lungs are filled to the top with waste and rubbish
but when the darkness comes to light and all the lies she has sung float up
her music box falls…
falls back to where it came from…
falls… into the depths of hell…
and the foolish audience sees…
the ugliness
the lies
the hostility inside her
they see the haggard virago that she is
her audience shrieks in misery of her true being…
her audience trembles in humiliation of not seeing what kind of shrew they had made their totem
and thick ink of ebony leaks over the sky…
even the sun is blinded by the repulsiveness of this thing…
this thing that has been crawling upon her soil…
and soon the creatures of the sun’s soil will break out in war against this virago
a nation against a beast…
the nation will defeat her….
they will set her on fire
and she will burn



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