the wetness dampens the rotting earth surrounding her
it moistens her soft smooth skin and fills the cracks of her face that she has created
and she will soon begin to drown on the inside of her own tears of regret and waiting for so long
as the vines of this place wrap around her, making her apart of it
she feels needed…
needed like the lavish soil that lies beneath this earth
needed like the burning sun that warms its’ audience
wanted like the leaves on the vines implore for stimulating water
wanted like the roots of the greens beseech upon nutrients
this place is not of the patterned quilt we all lay upon
and this place will not be uneven and rough
and she will continue to extend herself and become part of this kind of ecstasy that has found her
it will heal her and restore her
it will rescue her from her internal drowning
and her water from within will relieve the parched greens forever
and from her fingertips will thrive nutrients for the roots that are craving her
and she will lie there
and for once…just exist


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